DIY Tips: How to maximize space in your storage unit?

If you are struggling with insufficient space in your storage unit, follow these simple tips to maximize your storage unit space. One proven way to maximize your storage unit space is by using shelving systems. It will help you organize all your things by utilizing the entire height of the storage unit. Packing is definitely […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Install Shelving In Your Pantry

Organizing a pantry can be quite the task. Often, pantries are under supplied with adequate tools that encourage storage, organization, and aesthetic value. When it comes to putting together your pantry, you should try installing Open Shelving units in order to get the pantry of your dreams. Here are 3 reasons why open shelving units […]

3 Places Where You Should Definitely Add Shelving Units

It’s normal to install shelving units in places such as your garage, pantry, and basement. These places are all expected to have shelving units, as they are extremely handy tools in creating an organized and effective space. However, have you ever considered installing shelving units in these 3 unlikely spaces in your home? You might […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Metal Shelving Units

Whether you’re using them in a garage, shed, basement, or other space, metal-shelving units are an extremely good choice to fulfill your storage needs. If you are thinking about investing in metal shelving units for your space, here are 4 qualities that make metal shelving units the best option for your space: VisibilityMetal shelves make […]

Different Shelves For Different Spaces: The Best Shelving Systems For Your Garage, Shed, Basement, and Pantry

Different types of spaces merit different types of storage units. Although shelving is highly customizable and beneficial to increase storage and organization of a space, it is important to think about what kind of shelving is best for a specific space. In this way, you can maximize the results that a shelving unit can offer […]

DIY Projects To Spice Up Metal Shelves

Some people may love the shiny, grey aesthetic of metal shelves while others… not so much. Thankfully, metal shelves can be customized and decorated to look pretty much however you want it to look (as long as it still looks like a shelf). Although our industry grade, home use, metal shelves are as functional as […]

To Organize and Upgrade Your Garage On A Budget

Plenty of homeowners don’t realize untapped potential of their garages. For most, they just waste away as simple storage places or a place to keep your car at night and in the winter. In reality, there’s a lot more that you can do to your garage to make it a useful and beneficial space. Here’s […]

The 6 Benefits of Open Shelving

Open shelving is a trend that’s been around for quite some time. Open shelving means any kind of shelving that does not have cabinet doors covering the shelving space, such as our popular metal-shelving units in Atlas, Easy Up, WideSpan, and more styles. Its popularity continues to grow as people discover how beautiful and beneficial […]

How To Maximize Space In Your Home

The secret to maximizing space in a home, or in any place, is through secret storage and shelving. Inputting these two kinds of storage strategies can give your home all sorts of space that would’ve otherwise been undiscovered and unused. Here are the different ways you can maximize space in your home. Install Shelves Into […]

7 Tips To Optimize Space On Your Shelves

The feeling of not having enough space is common for many homeowners. The truth is though, you may have all the space in the world but you just aren’t using it properly. This is especially true when it comes to using shelf space. In this blog, you’ll be receiving 7 helpful tips on how to […]

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