3 Reasons Why You Should Install Shelving In Your Pantry

Organizing a pantry can be quite the task. Often, pantries are under supplied with adequate tools that encourage storage, organization, and aesthetic value. When it comes to putting together your pantry, you should try installing Open Shelving units in order to get the pantry of your dreams.

Here are 3 reasons why open shelving units can greatly improve your pantry space:

When your pantry is simply an empty room, the possibilities are endless. Open shelving units along your pantry wall(s) will automatically increase the amount of effective storage space in the area. Why keep the stuff you need to access on the daily strewn around the floor or packed away in pesky boxes when they can be a top a shelving unit such as our KWIKERECT open shelving unit.

Open shelving units allow for the most visibility for the things stored in your pantry. By installing our KWIKERECT shelving units or our EASYUP5000 units, you will be able to see everything in your pantry and on your shelving units from the entryway of your pantry.

Shelving units of any kind are the ultimate form of organization. Not only are shelving units a great use of space, maximizing and optimizing even the smallest of spaces, but they also offer many opportunities for organization. You can put boxes, containers, baskets, and other things atop the shelves to organize your space in the best way for you. You can also try stacking and layering items!

Our open shelving units in any style are the best additions to your pantry space. Available in multiple different sizes with additional pieces available for purchase for extra shelving space, you can truly make the most out of your pantry!

Thinking about upgrading your pantry storage? Call us at Shelving Depot NOW to discover the perfect-shelving units for your space.

3 Places Where You Should Definitely Add Shelving Units

It’s normal to install shelving units in places such as your garage, pantry, and basement. These places are all expected to have shelving units, as they are extremely handy tools in creating an organized and effective space. However, have you ever considered installing shelving units in these 3 unlikely spaces in your home? You might not have thought about it before, but installing shelving units in these spaces can drastically improve your use of space and organization.

Attics tend to be smaller spaces so an entire shelving unit set up along each wall is probably not advisable, however, setting up one or two shelving units can drastically improve your attic space. Don’t overlook the potential that your attic has to be an effective and organized storage space. Turn your cluttered, messy attic into one that works for you, instead of one that you dread to visit.

Whether you’re growing food or flowers in your greenhouse, shelving units can greatly benefit your space. Shelving units are perfect to store your equipment, products, and tools, and are also a great place to set up a beautiful flower display. Our open shelving units such as our KWIKERECT and EASYUP shelving units offer great storage for fragile plants that require plenty of light throughout the day. Simply set one of these units up against the greenhouse walls and allow your plants to get the sun &nutrients it needs to grow while also being aesthetically pleasing for visitors.

Laundry Rooms
If you have a big laundry room, you should consider installing shelving units! Shelving units in a laundry room are great to hold all of your detergents and fabric softener bottles, baskets of dirty laundry, baskets of clean laundry, and more! Your laundry room can be an organized dream!

You can change any space from messy to an organized and tidy dream with the simple installation of one of our shelving units! Are you ready to install shelving units in your home? Call us at Shelving Depot NOW to discover the perfect-shelving units for your space.

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Metal Shelving Units

Whether you’re using them in a garage, shed, basement, or other space, metal-shelving units are an extremely good choice to fulfill your storage needs. If you are thinking about investing in metal shelving units for your space, here are 4 qualities that make metal shelving units the best option for your space:

Metal shelves make everything stored upon it easily visible. Everything on your metal shelves can be organized in a tidy and thoughtful way, focusing on visibility, convenience, and efficiency. Metal shelves will make things look sophisticated and easy to access and replace once you are done with whatever you needed.

Metal shelves aren’t like the cheap shelves that you set up to hold your DVD collection. Metal shelves are sturdy and dependable and can be used to store heavier loads.

Metal shelving is a very cost-effective storage solution for your storage needs. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be used in any space, and can be depended on to carry even the heaviest of loads making this type of shelving the best bang for your buck.

This may be the best quality of all because it is the quality of utility that allows for the transformation of your regular space into one that is clean, organized, and pleasing.

Each of these qualities and more can be found in Shelving Depot’s various types of metal shelving units. Get creative with your space and bring them to their maximum potential with our easy to build-industrial strength metal shelving units. Call us now at 905.244.7049 for more details!

Different Shelves For Different Spaces: The Best Shelving Systems For Your Garage, Shed, Basement, and Pantry

Different types of spaces merit different types of storage units. Although shelving is highly customizable and beneficial to increase storage and organization of a space, it is important to think about what kind of shelving is best for a specific space. In this way, you can maximize the results that a shelving unit can offer you.

At Shelving Depot, we offer different types of industrial strength, easy to set-up, metal-shelving units. Here, we will outline which space they can be best utilized in and why:

For garage storage, we recommend our bestselling Atlas Shelving (Extra Heavy- Duty Boltless Steel Shelving). We recommend this type of shelving for garage spaces because it is aesthetically suitable for a garage setting and can be assembled easily in minutes so that your garage organization can go smoothly. Most importantly, our Atlas Shelving can be relied upon to store and carry up to 500lbs of weight, which is extremely useful in a garage.

Although Atlas Shelving would be a great match for a shed space as they are fully adjustable & configurable for this smaller type of space, we would also recommend our EasyUP7000 shelving systems. These shelves come in a variety of sizes and are especially easy to set up.

Whether you are putting storage in your basement proper or in your basement storage room, our Kwikerect shelving is the perfect choice for basement storage. For the basement proper, try using out Closed 5-Shelf Kwikerect Unit to store items for display. For basement storage rooms, try using our Open 5-Shelf Kwikerect Unit as the open shelves can maximize visibility of your shelves.

If you have a big pantry and require shelving for this space, try installing our EasyUp 5000 shelving system as these shelves are highly customizable, easy to set up, lightweight and economical in design (making it perfect for the light to medium pantry storage) and aesthetically fitting for a pantry space!

At Shelving Depot, we’ve got something for everyone! Get creative with your space and bring them to their maximum potential with our easy to build-industrial strength metal shelving units. Call us now at 905.244.7049 for more info and take advantage of our 20% OFF phone-in order offer!

DIY Projects To Spice Up Metal Shelves

Some people may love the shiny, grey aesthetic of metal shelves while others… not so much. Thankfully, metal shelves can be customized and decorated to look pretty much however you want it to look (as long as it still looks like a shelf). Although our industry grade, home use, metal shelves are as functional as they are shiny and gorgeous, if that isn’t the look for you, you can always change it up. Save tons on simply DIY-ing a personalized look instead of paying extra for handcrafted shelves that function in the same way as ours. Here are 5 DIY projects that you can do to your metal shelves.

Paint Them
Painting your metal shelves can make them a beautiful focal point in your space. Be sure to wipe down the surface to remove dust and dirt, prime the metal, and then paint with whatever colour you choose. Be sure to talk to a sales associate when purchasing your paint colour to ensure that your paint will work well on metal surfaces.

Add Wooden Fronts
If you don’t enjoy the look of a metal shelving unit, you can add wooden fronts to them. Simply attach long strips of wood (about the width of a baseboard—available at your local hardware store) to the exposed metal parts of your shelf. If you want to, you can put stickers on the wooden strips or even paint them with chalkboard paint and use the space as labels for the things on the shelf.

Add Shelf Liners
Shelf liners are a great way to bring colour and patterns onto an otherwise simple surface. You can customize the surface of your shelf by using them in whatever colour/pattern you choose.

Metal surfaces are an attractive solution that adds texture and depth to a space. Get creative with your metal shelf so that it can be the most aesthetically pleasing for you. If you are considering getting shelving for your home, then Shelving Depot has got the products for you. Our shelving products are made in Canada, industrial grade, and easily set up making our products not only the most ideal for your space, but easy to access and to begin enjoying. Call us NOW 905-244-7049 to discover which of our shelving styles is the perfect one for you.

To Organize and Upgrade Your Garage On A Budget

Plenty of homeowners don’t realize untapped potential of their garages. For most, they just waste away as simple storage places or a place to keep your car at night and in the winter. In reality, there’s a lot more that you can do to your garage to make it a useful and beneficial space. Here’s how you can organize and upgrade your garage without spending too much.

Add Storage
Store is key for creating use in a space. Not only does it give you a reason to use the space, but it also pulls the space together and gives the room a bit of character. Storage can come in all sorts of forms, but the best way to create storage in a garage is to install open shelving. This creates plenty of space along walls to store things and have it all be visible at a glance. Get creative with your shelf installation and create dedicated spaces for shelves, turn an entire wall into a shelving unit, or, if you have one, put shelves on the loft of your garage.

Add a “Mudroom”
Mudrooms are great way to isolate messes and prevent the outside from coming inside. If you have a garage that has a door leading into the house, transform the space near the door into a mudroom by adding an outdoor carpet, hooks to hang coats and backpacks, and a shelf with bins holding gloves, hats, toys, etc.

Add Paint
Painting is the one of the easiest ways to change the appearance from something. Take your garage space from unimpressive to appealing by painting the walls, door, and even the floor. You can even paint or spray paint your shelving units to add a unique pop of colour or simply to match the rest of the room.

Adding the simple addition of shelving to your space can totally transform your space. The best part is that installing shelving isn’t a costly investment! If adding shelves seems like the upgrade you’d like to undertake, then Shelving Depot has got the products for you. Our shelving products are made in Canada, industrial grade, and easily set up making our products not only the most ideal for your space, but easy to access and to begin enjoying. Call us NOW 905-244-7049 to discover which of our shelving styles is the perfect one for you.

The 6 Benefits of Open Shelving

Open shelving is a trend that’s been around for quite some time. Open shelving means any kind of shelving that does not have cabinet doors covering the shelving space, such as our popular metal-shelving units in Atlas, Easy Up, WideSpan, and more styles.

Its popularity continues to grow as people discover how beautiful and beneficial they can be for a space. Here are top 6 benefits of having open shelving in your space.

It Is Flexible
You can start your journey into open shelving and test your tastes by simply taking off your current cabinet doors. If you enjoy the look and accessibility of it, you can begin to consider transitioning into true open shelving. If you begin to get bored or want to change it up again, just attach your cabinet doors again!

Easily See What’s In Storage
Open shelving, as the name implies, is entirely open! This allows you to see what you’ve got and where you’ve got it with a simple glance. There is no need for rummaging around and opening doors to find things with the ease of open shelving; everything is conveniently in front of you and easy to grab!

Keeps Things Neat
It is the nature of open shelving that forces users to keep them neat. Because everyone can see into them at all times, things stored upon the open shelves must stay organized and tidy in order to avoid looking like a junk yard. Develop, or continue, useful organization habits with open shelving.

Change Up Décor
Open shelving units means more space for décor. Spice up the empty spaces of your shelving units with the things that make you smile or add to the aesthetic of your space. Open shelving also allows you to really take advantage of the extra room for seasonal décor changes.

Your Home Items Double As Décor
If you don’t want you decorate your space with specifically designed décor items, your open shelving can make your personal items a piece of décor. Toys, kitchen utensils, even colour-coordinated boxes of cereal can be pieces of interest that can catch any passer-by’s eye.

Budget Friendly Solution
Cabinetry is one of the biggest expenses in a space. Closed cabinetry involves a lot more product (and labour) that needs to be accounted for in the cost. Open cabinetry majorly reduces this cost making it a great affordable option.

This can all be achieved by installing our EasyUp 5000 Shelving systems. They are a medium duty shelving, meaning that they have the strength and durability required for spaces like offices, pantries, or kitchens. They are the perfect type of open shelving for these kinds of spaces because they are lightweight, economical, and entirely boltless. With these shelves, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of nuts and bolts and screws; you can simply enjoy the benefits of your new beautiful shelving unit.

If open shelving sounds like a perfect solution for your space, then Shelving Depot has got the products for you. Our shelving products are easy to set up, industrial grade, and entirely made in Canada! Call us NOW at 905.244.7049 for expert advice on the perfect open shelving for your space.

How To Maximize Space In Your Home

The secret to maximizing space in a home, or in any place, is through secret storage and shelving. Inputting these two kinds of storage strategies can give your home all sorts of space that would’ve otherwise been undiscovered and unused. Here are the different ways you can maximize space in your home.

Install Shelves Into The Weird Places
People generally don’t think about putting shelves into sheds, behind the bar, in closets, under the stairs, or in open walking spaces. They may seem unusual but with a bit of creative flair and guidance from our shelving experts, you can add storage to any place in your home.

Install Shelves Into The Not-So-Weird Places
Take advantage of adding shelving into places that make sense. Many people put shelves into walk in pantries, walk in closets, cantinas, garages, and more because it helps them store and organize their space easily. Applying this storage to your own home instead of ignoring the possibilities can turn your disheveled and unorganized home into a happy and tidy one.

Shelving Depot provides different types of shelving units that makes maximizing your space possible. Our Kwikerect units are extremely popular for this precise reason. Not only are they bolted and boltless for easily adjustable, durable shelves, but they come in open and closed styles to fit your preferred taste. They offer the most versatile functionality as the shelves themselves can be adjusted to accommodate for the sizes of things you store on them. They even come with the option to purchase additional shelves for even more storage. Talk about storage goals.

Secret Storage
Secret storage can be interpreted in many ways. This can mean secret spots under benches, within furniture like ottomans, and plenty more. The best way to take advantage of secret storage is creating a secret storage that involves shelving. Consider installing shelves into a child’s playroom and covering the front with sliding doors that double as chalk or white boards for the child to play with.

When creating space within your home, all you need is the knowledge of how useful shelving is and a dash of creativity. Your home is your canvas, so create what you want and need to make it beautiful and functional for your life style.If shelving sounds like a perfect solution for your home storage woes, visit Shelving Depot. Our Canadian made, industrial grade products are ideal for any space. Call us NOW at 905.244.7049 to start enjoying your newfound space.

7 Tips To Optimize Space On Your Shelves

The feeling of not having enough space is common for many homeowners. The truth is though, you may have all the space in the world but you just aren’t using it properly. This is especially true when it comes to using shelf space. In this blog, you’ll be receiving 7 helpful tips on how to optimize your shelf space. Your lack of shelf space problems end here!

Stacking is Key
Take advantage of your stackable items. Stacking items instead of standing them up allows for more space

Use Bins for Bulk Items
Bins are great for bulk items that need to be easily accessed. Use bins of appropriate size to store things like nails, crayons, small toys, snack foods, winter gear, or anything else you can think of. Use clear plastic containers or glass containers/ jars to keep items neat and visible.

Install Hooks
Installing hooks onto your shelving units is one of the most underrated forms of optimizing storage. Hooks are great for hanging things that don’t stack well or are often reached for like mugs, towels, utensils, ties, wine glasses, and more.

Use Risers
Risers can help you get the most of your space by giving you an extra plane to store things on; not only do you get the shelf itself to store things on, but the riser surface as well.

Use Pan Dividers
Pan dividers or sink ranks can be used for more than just holding dishes and pans. Think outside of the box and use pan dividers to store things such as books and binders, papers, cards, and more.

Containers can be used just like the previously mentioned bin suggestion. The only difference is that containers, due to having a lid, can be stacked and arranged differently on the shelf.

Organize By Type and Like-Items
To ensure that you know where everything at any given time, organize by grouping like items together. Kitchen items, toys, mechanical equipment and tools, art supplies, toiletries, etc. should all be stored together. Try dedicating particular shelves to a certain group/type of item and keeping all associated bins, dividers, containers, etc. on those shelves only.

Making the most out of your shelving is easy when you apply these helpful tips. You can apply these tips to our Widespan shelving units to optimize your space. Widespan shelving can handle capacities of 6,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. per bay and can reach a maximum height of 30 feet.

If you are in need of more storage but don’t have any shelving units to help you with it, call Shelving Depot now. Our shelving products are made in Canada, industrial grade, and easy to set up making our products not only the most ideal for your space, but easy to access and to begin enjoying. Our shelving experts can help you get the most suitable shelving for you to optimize your space.  Call 905.244.7049 for expert advice.

4 Ways Shelving Can Improve Shed Storage

Shed storage can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Although sheds are extremely useful for storing equipment, toys, seasonal items, sports gear, and pretty much anything else, stuffing everything into a shed without proper organization can turn it into an outright disaster. Here are 4 ways shelving can improve your shed storage.

Everything Has A Place
Organization is key to any small space, especially one like a shed that is a central hub for storing many things at once. With shelving units in your shed, you can allocate a spot for everything and know where everything is at all times.

The Small Stuff Doesn’t Get Mixed In
We’ve all experienced the annoying and entirely avoidable problem of bike handles being tangled up with Christmas garlands, a box of nails falling into a random bucket, or something of the sort. Shelving units ensures that your things are separated and properly stored so that things don’t get lost, or go missing altogether, in the mess of haphazard storage.

Ensures Safety
Throwing things randomly into a shed can be dangerous. Not only does it create many different kinds of fall risks (someone can trip over something or something can fall onto someone etc.), it also can be dangerous to leave certain materials lying around on the ground. Things like gasoline, antifreeze, vehicle fluids, paint cans, and other chemical substances can be dangerous for pets or children that may somehow find themselves in the shed. Keep these substances away from them by storing them high up on a shed shelf instead.

Ensures Protection
Leaving certain items out in different types of weather can cause irreparable damages such as rusting or water damage. In addition to that, leaving them out of a contained storage makes them susceptible to be stolen. Guard your possessions from both of these unfortunate outcomes by giving them a place on the shelves in your shed.

If shelving sounds like a perfect solution for your shed then Shelving Depot has got the products for you.  Our Atlas shelving series is made out of industrial strength steel and created for heavy-duty use, which makes it perfect for sheds, garages and other outdoor storage spaces. They are easy to set up, require no nuts, bolts or screws and only take 5 minutes to put together. Our shelving products are made in Canada, industrial grade, and easy to set up, making our products not only the most ideal for your space, but easy to access and to begin enjoying. Call us NOW at 905.244.7049 to discover which of our shelving styles is the perfect one for you.

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