The Best Maintenance Tips For Metal Shelving

Let’s be honest: Nobody thinks about maintaining their metal shelving units. Those things are big, strong, built to last, after all. While all of that is true, giving your metal shelving units some extra care from time to time to increase their lifespan so that you never have to purchase new ones for your space ever again is probably a good idea. Here the best maintenance tips to achieve this:

Bust The Rust
Avoid rust by storing your metal shelving units in dry environments. Keeping them out of wet and moist air (which, mixed together with the iron of the metal, is a recipe for rust) is the best way to do this.

Adjust The Humidity
You can also adjust the air/ humidity levels where your shelves are stored by using gel packets to keep your shelves colder and keeping free-standing water or other liquids away from your shelves.

Make sure bolts and other fasteners are tight and secured. Loose spots are prime real estate for rust to move in.

Give It A Shine
Even your metal shelving units want to look pretty and presentable. You should want them to look that way too. Give them a good polish every once in a while, to keep them in tip top shape!

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5 Popular Uses For Metal Shelving In The Workplace

There are so many reasons why metal shelving units can benefit your workplace. This extremely handy storage solution is durable, affordable, and a versatile option for the workplace. Here are some of the most popular ways metal shelving units are used in the workplace:

Storing Heavy Items
Whether it be heavy wheels, tools, or canisters, metal shelving units can handle it all. Simply check the weight restrictions on your shelving unit and go ahead and stack on it as much as it can handle. The results will blow your mind!

Business Document Storage
Documents are boring but, as a business owner, you need to keep them organized. Get your documents out of the way yet keep them secure by storing them on metal shelving units in your office! Storing them in this way will also help you return to them later to find particular things that you may need.

Retail Shelving
Metal shelving is often used in retail spaces because it is durable, reliable, strong, and clean. Get the best look with the best hold with metal shelving units from Shelving Depot.

Bins and Parts Storage
Have some extra bits and pieces lying about in the garage, site or yard at your workplace? Organize like items into bins and store them on your handy dandy metal shelving unit. Get your space organized and tidied up so that your productivity is always at maximum capacity.

Backroom Organization
Backrooms tend to always be a mess, regardless of what kind of workplace you’re in. Metal shelving units make it easier to get durable and versatile storage that allows you to see everything you have. The next time you or your employee walks back there to find something, find it on the first try instead of wasting valuable time searching around endlessly.

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What To Do With Garage Shelves

Shelves are one of the most underappreciated storage devices. You never appreciate them until you truly need them. When you take full advantage of your shelving units, you can absolutely transform your space. Here are a few things that you can do with your industrial garage shelving units to enhance your lifestyle and make life a tad easier.

Store Seasonal Items
Storing seasonal items that are not being used is one of the best ways to utilize your garage shelving space. Instead of storing things like hats, gloves, scarves, coats, and winter boots in your front closet or in other places of your home, try placing them in bins and setting them on your garage shelves! This frees up space in your home for other items and decreases your clutter!

Organize By Season
You can make storing your seasonal items extremely easy by optimizing your garage shelves. Try dedicating an individual shelving level to every season so that you know exactly where to look when you need something in particular. For example, top shelf can be dedicated to summer items, middle shelves to spring and fall, and the bottom half can be dedicated to winter items for easy access to heavier items.

Store Sports/ Holiday Items
If you have a family, it’s likely that you have tons of items/ equipment dedicated to your child’s after school activities and decorations for particular holidays. Store these things in designated and labeled bins and set them on your garage shelves for easy access. Everything from your child’s dance outfits and various sports equipment to Christmas lights and Halloween decorations can be organized properly!

Store “Extra” Household Items
When you stock up on household items such as toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, hand soap, and anything else you can think of, storing them in your garage is a great way to keep everything out of the way yet easily accessible. Organize them in the manner you prefer best and grab them whenever you need them, all on your steel shelving unit!

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The Benefits of Steel vs. Wooden Shelves

When searching for shelves for your empty space, you’re sure to debate between the various types of materials used to build shelving units. Although there are many benefits to materials such as wood, plastic, bamboo and more, steel shelving units can offer people the most bang for their buck. Here are just a few reasons as to why steel shelves are superior to shelves made of wood.

Wood is a delicate material. It tends to split, chip, and tear under strenuous conditions. Everything from extremely hot or cold weather to water spilling onto the surface can damage a wooden shelf and cause it to chip. Chipping damages both the aesthetics of the shelf and causes a safety concern for uses as they can hurt while using the shelf. Steel is not damaged as easily as wood since it is far stronger and denser.

Steel shelves are more likely to last longer than wooden shelves over time. Steel is a far more durable material, which makes it less prone to age or succumbs to wear and tear quickly. Once installed, steel shelves will last longer than any other type of material, especially wood. Wood, even treated wood, will eventually break down whereas steel will not.

Steel is used for storage units and other devices that need to be industrial strength. Wood is simply not as strong as this superior, man-made, reliable material. Due to this, you can store almost anything, including extremely heavy objects on steel shelves. Wooden shelves will have a far lower strength, endurance and have the tendency to break more easily under the weight of extremely heavy items.

Overall, steel shelving units are your best bet when you’re looking for lasting, quality shelving units. If you need shelving units for your space whether it is an office, garage, basement, attic or other, contact Shelving Depot today to talk to one of our experts. Get advice on which of our steel shelving units is right for you and a FREE QUOTE before you buy. Call us today at 905.244.7049!

Benefits of installing stainless steel shelving in your backroom storage

The importance and utility of stainless steel shelving are huge when you want to manage your backroom storage space efficiently. Thus steel shelving systems gained immense popularity as backroom storage used for retail stores. These shelves come in different sizes and styles offering a wide range of customization options. Thus, they are ideally fit for retail stores for managing storage space effectively. Once you install the steel shelving system inside your storage facility, you can easily remove all bulky items from pallet racks. This will free floor space and help you organize your store’s backroom storage effectively. Let’s dive in and analyse the main benefits of installing stainless steel shelving in your backroom storage.

Major benefits of installing stainless steel shelving in your backroom storage.

Increase the visibility of products

Arranging the items on steel shelves is easy and convenient. You can easily keep all products bin wise according to the SKU, size or type. Thus when the pickers move around to pick products, they can easily locate them. Retail stores manage a large number of SKU’s. It is extremely important that the items be organised in such a way so that the picker doesn’t pick a wrong item. This also helps a lot during inventory count and makes the counting process easy.

Store delicate items with additional safety

Retail stores have a wide range of SKU’s and product lines including fragile items like electronic goods, spare parts, etc. Hence there is a requirement of a durable and corrosion-free storage solution. Steel shelves are ideal for this purpose and can store delicate items with additional safety.

Resist wear and tear

Steel shelving systems are strong enough to resist any kind of wear and tear caused due to forklift collisions or for any other reason. These hard shelves don’t get damaged easily. You can, therefore, avoid repair or replacement cost easily.

If you have installed any other shelving system, switch to stainless steel shelving in your backroom storage and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. Not sure, what type of shelving system is right for you? Call Shelving Depot at 905-244-7049 to chat with an expert. For a limited time only, get 20% OFF Atlas Shelving on Phone-In orders only.

Why Steel Is The Best Material For Shelving Systems

Strength and durability are very important when deciding which shelving systems to buy. When you decide to buy a shelving system for your warehouse or home, you’ll have endless choices. You’ll find shelving systems made of various materials. They also vary in price for this very reason. The most common are wooden, plastic, and steel shelving systems. 

You need to make a choice on the basis of the items you are going to store on it. If you want to keep lightweight items, wooden shelving would be a good choice. However, if you want to buy a shelving system on the basis of strength and durability, metal shelving is your best bet. Steel shelving is, therefore, a popular choice. 

Steel is one of the strongest materials. If you are looking to buy a shelving system that’ll last long, the best material is steel. Steel shelving is versatile, available in various sizes and you can easily use them in your home or retail stores.

If you want to know why steel is the best material for shelving systems, the reasons are many to list but here are a few.

For one, if you buy wooden shelving systems, it will degrade over a period of time by absorbing moisture from the air around it. This means to protect it; you will need to paint it frequently. That’ll be an additional cost on top of the actual cost. Also, it is common to find cracks occurring at the hinges of wooden shelves. All this maintenance and repairs eventually adds to the cost in the long run. After a while, you’ll need to replace wooden shelves before they give in.

Steel shelving, on the other hand, doesn’t have these problems. High-quality steel is also rust-free, so there is no need for you to spend more money on re-painting it. Moreover, if you compare steel to wood, with regard to strength and durability, steel comes out as a clear winner.

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5 Benefits of Boltless Shelving

Identifying and installing the correct type of shelving system is important if you are a warehouse owner. The reason is, warehouse owners are always concerned about storage space. Therefore, the urge and necessity to manage the storage space to the optimum level is there. In case it’s not done, you’ll face an issue to store items effectively inside your warehouse. Shelving systems, in particular, are made for this purpose. However, when we talk about industrial shelving systems, there are too many options. Boltless shelving or rivet shelving is one of the most recommended types of industrial shelving system. It has various benefits, and we have listed down the top five among them. Let’s read and understand them one by one…

Easy Installation: Boltless shelving system is absolutely easy to install. The major reason is there are no nuts, bolts or clips used to set them up. Just assemble them according to your preferred design to get it ready.

Low Installation Cost: The installation cost for boltless shelving system is low as compared to the traditional one. The main reason is, transporting and assembling them is easy and quick.

Easy customization: Customizing the boltless shelving is absolutely easy and convenient. This is another major benefit of using this type of shelving system. According to your requirements, you can adjust the number of shelves or the height to fit the things you need.

Economical: The industrial boltless shelving is an economical way of storing goods in your warehouse. They are not overpriced, nor do they take any additional floor space. Over and above, after installing them, you’ll get more space in your warehouse to store things. 

Extremely Durable: Industrial boltless shelving systems are extremely durable. These units are made with thick steel which supports heavyweight objects. Hence, there is nothing to worry about in case you receive heavy cargo and need to store it in your warehouse.

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DIY Tips: How to maximize space in your storage unit?

If you are struggling with insufficient space in your storage unit, follow these simple tips to maximize your storage unit space. One proven way to maximize your storage unit space is by using shelving systems. It will help you organize all your things by utilizing the entire height of the storage unit. Packing is definitely an art, but it’s not a difficult task to master and do yourself. Here are a few DIY tips to maximize space in your storage unit.

Proven tips to maximize space in your storage unit.

Utilize Vertical Space – With the proper utilization of the vertical space, you can maximize the use of your storage unit. Many of us don’t know this technique, but it is simple. Look around the floor and ensure nothing is spread over. Stack boxes on top of each other, but make sure to keep all heavy items at the bottom. If you have items like gardening equipment, keep them on wall-mounted racks.

Shelving – Shelving is an excellent way to maximize space in your storage unit. This beautiful tool helps you utilize all unused space as you can organised your things properly. Shelving systems are of various types: wooden shelving, plastic shelving, aluminum shelving or industrial grade steel shelving. You can buy them depending on your usage and requirement. This will give you additional utility to maximize space in your storage unit.

Hang some items – You don’t need to box all items inside the storage unit. There are multiple items like carpets, suits, large fabrics, etc. that you can easily hang by putting them inside garment bags. Additionally, you can buy a garment rack for this. This will keep the floor space free, and you can utilize it.

These are helpful storage tips that you can follow yourself and maximize space in your storage unit. Need help understanding what type of shelving is right for you? Give us a call at 905-244-7049 and chat with our experts. Shelving Depot is your number 1 source for shelving systems in Greater Toronto Area.

3 Reasons Why You Should Install Shelving In Your Pantry

Organizing a pantry can be quite the task. Often, pantries are under supplied with adequate tools that encourage storage, organization, and aesthetic value. When it comes to putting together your pantry, you should try installing Open Shelving units in order to get the pantry of your dreams.

Here are 3 reasons why open shelving units can greatly improve your pantry space:

When your pantry is simply an empty room, the possibilities are endless. Open shelving units along your pantry wall(s) will automatically increase the amount of effective storage space in the area. Why keep the stuff you need to access on the daily strewn around the floor or packed away in pesky boxes when they can be a top a shelving unit such as our KWIKERECT open shelving unit.

Open shelving units allow for the most visibility for the things stored in your pantry. By installing our KWIKERECT shelving units or our EASYUP5000 units, you will be able to see everything in your pantry and on your shelving units from the entryway of your pantry.

Shelving units of any kind are the ultimate form of organization. Not only are shelving units a great use of space, maximizing and optimizing even the smallest of spaces, but they also offer many opportunities for organization. You can put boxes, containers, baskets, and other things atop the shelves to organize your space in the best way for you. You can also try stacking and layering items!

Our open shelving units in any style are the best additions to your pantry space. Available in multiple different sizes with additional pieces available for purchase for extra shelving space, you can truly make the most out of your pantry!

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3 Places Where You Should Definitely Add Shelving Units

It’s normal to install shelving units in places such as your garage, pantry, and basement. These places are all expected to have shelving units, as they are extremely handy tools in creating an organized and effective space. However, have you ever considered installing shelving units in these 3 unlikely spaces in your home? You might not have thought about it before, but installing shelving units in these spaces can drastically improve your use of space and organization.

Attics tend to be smaller spaces so an entire shelving unit set up along each wall is probably not advisable, however, setting up one or two shelving units can drastically improve your attic space. Don’t overlook the potential that your attic has to be an effective and organized storage space. Turn your cluttered, messy attic into one that works for you, instead of one that you dread to visit.

Whether you’re growing food or flowers in your greenhouse, shelving units can greatly benefit your space. Shelving units are perfect to store your equipment, products, and tools, and are also a great place to set up a beautiful flower display. Our open shelving units such as our KWIKERECT and EASYUP shelving units offer great storage for fragile plants that require plenty of light throughout the day. Simply set one of these units up against the greenhouse walls and allow your plants to get the sun &nutrients it needs to grow while also being aesthetically pleasing for visitors.

Laundry Rooms
If you have a big laundry room, you should consider installing shelving units! Shelving units in a laundry room are great to hold all of your detergents and fabric softener bottles, baskets of dirty laundry, baskets of clean laundry, and more! Your laundry room can be an organized dream!

You can change any space from messy to an organized and tidy dream with the simple installation of one of our shelving units! Are you ready to install shelving units in your home? Call us at Shelving Depot NOW to discover the perfect-shelving units for your space.

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