It’s normal to install shelving units in places such as your garage, pantry, and basement. These places are all expected to have shelving units, as they are extremely handy tools in creating an organized and effective space. However, have you ever considered installing shelving units in these 3 unlikely spaces in your home? You might not have thought about it before, but installing shelving units in these spaces can drastically improve your use of space and organization.

Attics tend to be smaller spaces so an entire shelving unit set up along each wall is probably not advisable, however, setting up one or two shelving units can drastically improve your attic space. Don’t overlook the potential that your attic has to be an effective and organized storage space. Turn your cluttered, messy attic into one that works for you, instead of one that you dread to visit.

Whether you’re growing food or flowers in your greenhouse, shelving units can greatly benefit your space. Shelving units are perfect to store your equipment, products, and tools, and are also a great place to set up a beautiful flower display. Our open shelving units such as our KWIKERECT and EASYUP shelving units offer great storage for fragile plants that require plenty of light throughout the day. Simply set one of these units up against the greenhouse walls and allow your plants to get the sun &nutrients it needs to grow while also being aesthetically pleasing for visitors.

Laundry Rooms
If you have a big laundry room, you should consider installing shelving units! Shelving units in a laundry room are great to hold all of your detergents and fabric softener bottles, baskets of dirty laundry, baskets of clean laundry, and more! Your laundry room can be an organized dream!

You can change any space from messy to an organized and tidy dream with the simple installation of one of our shelving units! Are you ready to install shelving units in your home? Call us at Shelving Depot NOW to discover the perfect-shelving units for your space.

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