Different types of spaces merit different types of storage units. Although shelving is highly customizable and beneficial to increase storage and organization of a space, it is important to think about what kind of shelving is best for a specific space. In this way, you can maximize the results that a shelving unit can offer you.

At Shelving Depot, we offer different types of industrial strength, easy to set-up, metal-shelving units. Here, we will outline which space they can be best utilized in and why:

For garage storage, we recommend our bestselling Atlas Shelving (Extra Heavy- Duty Boltless Steel Shelving). We recommend this type of shelving for garage spaces because it is aesthetically suitable for a garage setting and can be assembled easily in minutes so that your garage organization can go smoothly. Most importantly, our Atlas Shelving can be relied upon to store and carry up to 500lbs of weight, which is extremely useful in a garage.

Although Atlas Shelving would be a great match for a shed space as they are fully adjustable & configurable for this smaller type of space, we would also recommend our EasyUP7000 shelving systems. These shelves come in a variety of sizes and are especially easy to set up.

Whether you are putting storage in your basement proper or in your basement storage room, our Kwikerect shelving is the perfect choice for basement storage. For the basement proper, try using out Closed 5-Shelf Kwikerect Unit to store items for display. For basement storage rooms, try using our Open 5-Shelf Kwikerect Unit as the open shelves can maximize visibility of your shelves.

If you have a big pantry and require shelving for this space, try installing our EasyUp 5000 shelving system as these shelves are highly customizable, easy to set up, lightweight and economical in design (making it perfect for the light to medium pantry storage) and aesthetically fitting for a pantry space!

At Shelving Depot, we’ve got something for everyone! Get creative with your space and bring them to their maximum potential with our easy to build-industrial strength metal shelving units. Call us now at 905.244.7049 for more info and take advantage of our 20% OFF phone-in order offer!

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