Some people may love the shiny, grey aesthetic of metal shelves while others… not so much. Thankfully, metal shelves can be customized and decorated to look pretty much however you want it to look (as long as it still looks like a shelf). Although our industry grade, home use, metal shelves are as functional as they are shiny and gorgeous, if that isn’t the look for you, you can always change it up. Save tons on simply DIY-ing a personalized look instead of paying extra for handcrafted shelves that function in the same way as ours. Here are 5 DIY projects that you can do to your metal shelves.

Paint Them
Painting your metal shelves can make them a beautiful focal point in your space. Be sure to wipe down the surface to remove dust and dirt, prime the metal, and then paint with whatever colour you choose. Be sure to talk to a sales associate when purchasing your paint colour to ensure that your paint will work well on metal surfaces.

Add Wooden Fronts
If you don’t enjoy the look of a metal shelving unit, you can add wooden fronts to them. Simply attach long strips of wood (about the width of a baseboard—available at your local hardware store) to the exposed metal parts of your shelf. If you want to, you can put stickers on the wooden strips or even paint them with chalkboard paint and use the space as labels for the things on the shelf.

Add Shelf Liners
Shelf liners are a great way to bring colour and patterns onto an otherwise simple surface. You can customize the surface of your shelf by using them in whatever colour/pattern you choose.

Metal surfaces are an attractive solution that adds texture and depth to a space. Get creative with your metal shelf so that it can be the most aesthetically pleasing for you. If you are considering getting shelving for your home, then Shelving Depot has got the products for you. Our shelving products are made in Canada, industrial grade, and easily set up making our products not only the most ideal for your space, but easy to access and to begin enjoying. Call us NOW 905-244-7049 to discover which of our shelving styles is the perfect one for you.

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