Plenty of homeowners don’t realize untapped potential of their garages. For most, they just waste away as simple storage places or a place to keep your car at night and in the winter. In reality, there’s a lot more that you can do to your garage to make it a useful and beneficial space. Here’s how you can organize and upgrade your garage without spending too much.

Add Storage
Store is key for creating use in a space. Not only does it give you a reason to use the space, but it also pulls the space together and gives the room a bit of character. Storage can come in all sorts of forms, but the best way to create storage in a garage is to install open shelving. This creates plenty of space along walls to store things and have it all be visible at a glance. Get creative with your shelf installation and create dedicated spaces for shelves, turn an entire wall into a shelving unit, or, if you have one, put shelves on the loft of your garage.

Add a “Mudroom”
Mudrooms are great way to isolate messes and prevent the outside from coming inside. If you have a garage that has a door leading into the house, transform the space near the door into a mudroom by adding an outdoor carpet, hooks to hang coats and backpacks, and a shelf with bins holding gloves, hats, toys, etc.

Add Paint
Painting is the one of the easiest ways to change the appearance from something. Take your garage space from unimpressive to appealing by painting the walls, door, and even the floor. You can even paint or spray paint your shelving units to add a unique pop of colour or simply to match the rest of the room.

Adding the simple addition of shelving to your space can totally transform your space. The best part is that installing shelving isn’t a costly investment! If adding shelves seems like the upgrade you’d like to undertake, then Shelving Depot has got the products for you. Our shelving products are made in Canada, industrial grade, and easily set up making our products not only the most ideal for your space, but easy to access and to begin enjoying. Call us NOW 905-244-7049 to discover which of our shelving styles is the perfect one for you.

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