Open shelving is a trend that’s been around for quite some time. Open shelving means any kind of shelving that does not have cabinet doors covering the shelving space, such as our popular metal-shelving units in Atlas, Easy Up, WideSpan, and more styles.

Its popularity continues to grow as people discover how beautiful and beneficial they can be for a space. Here are top 6 benefits of having open shelving in your space.

It Is Flexible
You can start your journey into open shelving and test your tastes by simply taking off your current cabinet doors. If you enjoy the look and accessibility of it, you can begin to consider transitioning into true open shelving. If you begin to get bored or want to change it up again, just attach your cabinet doors again!

Easily See What’s In Storage
Open shelving, as the name implies, is entirely open! This allows you to see what you’ve got and where you’ve got it with a simple glance. There is no need for rummaging around and opening doors to find things with the ease of open shelving; everything is conveniently in front of you and easy to grab!

Keeps Things Neat
It is the nature of open shelving that forces users to keep them neat. Because everyone can see into them at all times, things stored upon the open shelves must stay organized and tidy in order to avoid looking like a junk yard. Develop, or continue, useful organization habits with open shelving.

Change Up Décor
Open shelving units means more space for décor. Spice up the empty spaces of your shelving units with the things that make you smile or add to the aesthetic of your space. Open shelving also allows you to really take advantage of the extra room for seasonal décor changes.

Your Home Items Double As Décor
If you don’t want you decorate your space with specifically designed décor items, your open shelving can make your personal items a piece of décor. Toys, kitchen utensils, even colour-coordinated boxes of cereal can be pieces of interest that can catch any passer-by’s eye.

Budget Friendly Solution
Cabinetry is one of the biggest expenses in a space. Closed cabinetry involves a lot more product (and labour) that needs to be accounted for in the cost. Open cabinetry majorly reduces this cost making it a great affordable option.

This can all be achieved by installing our EasyUp 5000 Shelving systems. They are a medium duty shelving, meaning that they have the strength and durability required for spaces like offices, pantries, or kitchens. They are the perfect type of open shelving for these kinds of spaces because they are lightweight, economical, and entirely boltless. With these shelves, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of nuts and bolts and screws; you can simply enjoy the benefits of your new beautiful shelving unit.

If open shelving sounds like a perfect solution for your space, then Shelving Depot has got the products for you. Our shelving products are easy to set up, industrial grade, and entirely made in Canada! Call us NOW at 905.244.7049 for expert advice on the perfect open shelving for your space.

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