The feeling of not having enough space is common for many homeowners. The truth is though, you may have all the space in the world but you just aren’t using it properly. This is especially true when it comes to using shelf space. In this blog, you’ll be receiving 7 helpful tips on how to optimize your shelf space. Your lack of shelf space problems end here!

Stacking is Key
Take advantage of your stackable items. Stacking items instead of standing them up allows for more space

Use Bins for Bulk Items
Bins are great for bulk items that need to be easily accessed. Use bins of appropriate size to store things like nails, crayons, small toys, snack foods, winter gear, or anything else you can think of. Use clear plastic containers or glass containers/ jars to keep items neat and visible.

Install Hooks
Installing hooks onto your shelving units is one of the most underrated forms of optimizing storage. Hooks are great for hanging things that don’t stack well or are often reached for like mugs, towels, utensils, ties, wine glasses, and more.

Use Risers
Risers can help you get the most of your space by giving you an extra plane to store things on; not only do you get the shelf itself to store things on, but the riser surface as well.

Use Pan Dividers
Pan dividers or sink ranks can be used for more than just holding dishes and pans. Think outside of the box and use pan dividers to store things such as books and binders, papers, cards, and more.

Containers can be used just like the previously mentioned bin suggestion. The only difference is that containers, due to having a lid, can be stacked and arranged differently on the shelf.

Organize By Type and Like-Items
To ensure that you know where everything at any given time, organize by grouping like items together. Kitchen items, toys, mechanical equipment and tools, art supplies, toiletries, etc. should all be stored together. Try dedicating particular shelves to a certain group/type of item and keeping all associated bins, dividers, containers, etc. on those shelves only.

Making the most out of your shelving is easy when you apply these helpful tips. You can apply these tips to our Widespan shelving units to optimize your space. Widespan shelving can handle capacities of 6,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. per bay and can reach a maximum height of 30 feet.

If you are in need of more storage but don’t have any shelving units to help you with it, call Shelving Depot now. Our shelving products are made in Canada, industrial grade, and easy to set up making our products not only the most ideal for your space, but easy to access and to begin enjoying. Our shelving experts can help you get the most suitable shelving for you to optimize your space.  Call 905.244.7049 for expert advice.

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