Shed storage can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Although sheds are extremely useful for storing equipment, toys, seasonal items, sports gear, and pretty much anything else, stuffing everything into a shed without proper organization can turn it into an outright disaster. Here are 4 ways shelving can improve your shed storage.

Everything Has A Place
Organization is key to any small space, especially one like a shed that is a central hub for storing many things at once. With shelving units in your shed, you can allocate a spot for everything and know where everything is at all times.

The Small Stuff Doesn’t Get Mixed In
We’ve all experienced the annoying and entirely avoidable problem of bike handles being tangled up with Christmas garlands, a box of nails falling into a random bucket, or something of the sort. Shelving units ensures that your things are separated and properly stored so that things don’t get lost, or go missing altogether, in the mess of haphazard storage.

Ensures Safety
Throwing things randomly into a shed can be dangerous. Not only does it create many different kinds of fall risks (someone can trip over something or something can fall onto someone etc.), it also can be dangerous to leave certain materials lying around on the ground. Things like gasoline, antifreeze, vehicle fluids, paint cans, and other chemical substances can be dangerous for pets or children that may somehow find themselves in the shed. Keep these substances away from them by storing them high up on a shed shelf instead.

Ensures Protection
Leaving certain items out in different types of weather can cause irreparable damages such as rusting or water damage. In addition to that, leaving them out of a contained storage makes them susceptible to be stolen. Guard your possessions from both of these unfortunate outcomes by giving them a place on the shelves in your shed.

If shelving sounds like a perfect solution for your shed then Shelving Depot has got the products for you.  Our Atlas shelving series is made out of industrial strength steel and created for heavy-duty use, which makes it perfect for sheds, garages and other outdoor storage spaces. They are easy to set up, require no nuts, bolts or screws and only take 5 minutes to put together. Our shelving products are made in Canada, industrial grade, and easy to set up, making our products not only the most ideal for your space, but easy to access and to begin enjoying. Call us NOW at 905.244.7049 to discover which of our shelving styles is the perfect one for you.

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